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Delivery Via Land

We have delivery services to all islands in Indonesia via land at low rates, safe and reliable.

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Shipping Via Sea

We have shipping services to all islands in Indonesia via sea with the cheapest rates, safe, reliable.

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Shipping Via Air

We serve the delivery of goods via air at very cheap rates, safe and reliable.

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Container Shipping Services

We provide shipping services with containers at low prices, safe, easy & reliable throughout Indonesia.

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Heavy Equipment Delivery

We deliver heavy equipment throughout Indonesia, via land and sea shipping.

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Project Logistics

Delivery of goods in large quantities, using the safe method of chartering ships and cargo planes.

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Fast, Secure and Reliable LogisticsWe offer logistic that just make good business sense

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Imports and exports need to comply with government regulations on both sides of the border. With our extensive freight experience, you will seamlessly clear points of entry. We know the laws and documentation you need to prevent delays and fines, keeping your shipment on schedule and on budget.

You run a successful business despite fluctuations in supply and demand. Skip the complex decisions and let us monitor your operational supply. Receive your goods when you need it, where you need it.

Now you can relax. Even if an accident happens. You will get reimbursed for shipping damages without haggling with an insurance provider. We clear your claims swiftly. You get the compensation promptly.

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